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California Department of Forestry (CDF) does NOT calculate carbon or other global warming emissions when reviewing clearcuts . Yet, tens of thousands of pounds of these greenhouse gases are released each year in clearcutting operations . This oversight on the part of CDF, legislators, the governor and the attorney general is costing our children dearly. If California is to be a leader in fighting greenhouse gas emissions then this catastrophic oversight must be corrected. Our CHILDREN....the very FUTURE.... can not afford another year of what you see below on this page.

"The monster that is consuming our planet is mindlessly intent on self. The mystery, the magic and abundance provided us in this one sacred garden has been lost in the charge toward self indulgence. Attempting to speak reason with any part of the monster is met with the contempt and aggression of a being that is under attack and threatened by my words. It appears everyone has already chosen their positions they will live and die with."
-Randy Compton, Environmental Activist

Donate to help STOP clearcutting operations in the Sierra-Cascade region as well as the effort to STOP CLEARCUTTING CALIFORNIA. 100% of your donation will go DIRECTLY to the fight.

4-25-10 Shasta County California 2009 clearcutting map released
3-16-10 REPORT:What’s Killing the Great Forests of the American West?
2-1-10 SPI already uses Genetically engineered trees, here is more info
1-28-10 Lawsuits Battle Clearcutting in the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Range
1-28-10 A must read..An Excerpt (relevent) from Strangley Like War
1-15-10 A Silent Forest (full movie) - The Threat of Genetically Engineered Trees
12-19-09 NY Times: Clearcutting the Truth about Trees (Copenhagen Analysis)
12-17-09 Karuk Tribe Halts Logging Operation

December 2, 2009: Arnold to Arnold Letter - Sierra Residents Ask Governor Schwarzenegger
to Reverse Carbon Policy That Allows Clearcutting.  See / download text here .

Forest Council Film/Video just released.

Mysterious Tree Decline Nation-wide (Tube Sock-symptoms)

Conservation Group Calls for California To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Logging and Clearcutting. Logging Plans Must Analyze and Reduce Climate Impacts

PRESS RELEASE - New Figures Detail Logging Giant’s (SPI) Vast Herbicide Use

Sign on to a resolution to stop clearcutting:
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word document PETITION (for multiple signatures-clubs, organizations etc)

The move towards creating biomass energy is contributing to the destruction of our forests by encouraging clearcutting. Because of this, wildlife biodiversity and population health are compromised, watersheds are threatened and greenhouse gas emissions are increased. There is massive amounts of information and research being released by desperate citizens and organizations of all types. The Biomass Lowdown is a blog that should be checked periodically. Here is OUR biomass page , listing articles and research as it becomes available. Here is the No Biomass Burning site. Another with a similar name.

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Source: IPCC; U.S. Department of Energy
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -- a 2,500-member body representing international scientific consensus on the subject -- concluded in 1995, 2001 and again in 2007, ( see report* ) that man-made pollution from fossil fuel combustion and deforestation is driving temperature increases. Asked by President Bush to review the scientific findings, the National Academy of Sciences reconfirmed in June 2001 (!) that heat-trapping pollution is causing both surface and ocean temperatures to rise. The IPCC estimates temperatures will rise 5 - 10°F over the next 100 years .
The IPCC conclusion must be the science standard of acceptance, performance and authority when it comes to policy, law and litigation.
"There is a widespread and misguided belief that logging or clearing mature forests and replacing them with fast-growing younger trees will benefit the climate by
sequestering atmospheric CO 2 ."

"Clearcutting removes forest carbon sinks,
leading to global warming."

The clearcuts go up to the tree line on Mt Lassen.

A global tipping point (his statement in 2006) will be reached in less than 10 years. Global warming, at this point, becomes unstoppable.”

“Halting global warming requires urgent , unprecedented international cooperation, but the needed actions are feasible and have additional benefi ts for human health, agriculture and the environment.”

-Dr James Hansen, Head of GISS at NASA
The world's leading climate scientist

Forests Linked to Climate Change
Register-Guard Letters to the Editor- January 2, 2008

Despite claims from NASA, the United Nations’ and the British government’s Stern Review that logging the world’s forests is the second leading cause of climate change (after fossil fuels) — up to 25 percent of human-caused carbon emissions — we’ve heard hardly a peep from either the mainstream media or the mainstream environmental movement about the most compelling reason yet presented to protect and preserve our remaining natural forests .

Mainly because of the Bali climate summit in December, we’re finally seeing a few blips on the radar screen about the need to stop native forest logging to protect the climate, both globally (due to forests’ carbon storage and sequestration capabilities) and regionally (as logging causes desertification and drought).

Josh Schlossberg
Native Forest Council
Plantation Rows- After clearcutting a diverse, wildlife filled forest , the timber company plants primariy a single species in a re-plant known as a PLANTATION . The plantation soil is ruthlessly sprayed with "legal posions" known as herbicides. In Shasta Co alone, in 2006, over 79,000 pounds of herbicides were sprayed into the soil. The herbicides themselves contribute to global warming and leech as far as the ocean, contributing to the alarming species losses there.
The only way plantation forestry makes sense is the AFFORESTATION - which means planting trees where formerly there were none. This means planting on agricultural land or abused land, or otherwise land not currently holding the large stores of a forest.


As with ALL issues of Global Warming and our Dying Oceans...

Time is of the Essence
(If you don't believe this, then watch this Global Warming Primer: Dr. Aldur Fuller's presentation )

California's AB32, The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Nuñez/Pavley) passed the Legislature on August 31st after the bill’s authors, Asm. Fran Pavley and Asm. Speaker Fabian Nuñez, and Senate President Don Perata, announced they had reached an agreement with Gov. Schwarzenegger on the landmark law. In June 2005, Gov. Schwarzenegger issued an executive order that established a target for reducing global warming pollution to 1990 levels by 2020, and 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050..

DOWNLOAD (PDF) this summary of climate change and clearcutting, this is a text document representation (with pictures, graphs etc.) of this website

Clearcutting is directly linked to global warming through multiple sources of emissions (clearing, earthworks, soil erosion, slash burning, herbicide spraying, cloud formation , etc).

Demand that all levels of state government fight global warming. Demand that CDF halt clearcutting and begin reviewing timber operations with future generations of humans and wildlife as a priority.

Go to the Forest Ethics website and become part of the statewide campaign against SPI's clearcutting.

Join the Battle Creek Alliance and help hold off clearcutting in the Sierra / Cascade Range of California.

Print out our posters on display at the bottom of this page. Post in your hood.

Show this HERBICIDE graph to your local newspaper.
Click on graph for larger version. Click HERE for print version.

Sign on
to a resolution to stop clearcutting:
pdf resolution (1.2mb)
jpg resolution (240k)
word document PETITION (for multiple signatures-clubs, organizations etc)

(see below)

There's no doubt that SPI is a company that practices destruction on a much larger scale than any other company, but ultimately, we as consumers have to make changes in how much we use. The fact is that companies will make things as long as we buy them, and will not if we won't. That's our only power.
Paper facts: Annual Global Deforestation= over 26 million acres
That= 50 acres of forest being cut, every minute of every day
50% of wood cut is made into paper
1 billion pieces of junk mail delivered a year in US (1/3 of all in world)
What you can do TODAY: Call catalog companies and ask to be taken off their mailing list; Buy 100% recycled paper for your printing needs; Print on both sides of paper; Ask your workplace to use recycled paper; Recycle your waste paper.


Here is our VIDEO LEARNING page , with video clips of Experts in forestry, climate change and the relationship between the two. These Presentations were the foundation of the CLEARCUTTING the CLIMATE CONFERENCE hosted by Forest Council

Native American Leader Oren Lyons speaks out on clearcutting

A YouTube 10 minute presentation of "Clearcutting Shasta"
Download our Videos and email to a friend:
PSA (public service announcement: ( 1 ) anti clearcutting on national forest ( 2 ) no trees for gasoline (3) Clearcutting is legal...Why?

Loggers, Millers, Elders: (4) Log Millers against clearcutting (5) Timber Company owner against clearcutting (6) Native American (Pit River) Elder speaks out (7) Witnessing the destruction of wildlife

EROSION: (8) Water Erosion in clearcuts

Visit our video menu for information and video PSA (public service announcement) that you can have aired in rotation at your local television station.

Powerpoint Presentation

Download (MAC sitx file)
MYTHS AND FACTS: Forests, Carbon and Global Warming by Doug Heiken (13.2mb). Windows file coming soon

Important Scientific Determinations:

Scientific Quotes from prestigious sources

Forests and Carbon, an overview

IPCC Summary for Policymakers

Union of Concerned Scientists

Nation Resource Defense Council

U.S. Global Assessment Report, published in 2000
Pacific Northwest Overview
Pacific Northwest Key Points

The Stearn Review, commissioned by the United Kingdom, is a complete assessment of climate change. Deforestation excerpts HERE . The full reports can be found HERE .

Water Quality
Herbicide Use
Fire Dangers of Clearcutting
Wildlife Destruction

Email these videos to co-workers, friends and associates (and gov servants):
How Do You Like Your Water Filtered?

For more information about the clearcutting process, herbicides, data and video interviews with loggers, millers, First Americans and victims of clearcutting, here is a start:


Forest Council a great site for climate change and the connection to clearcutting.

Forest Ethics
become part of the statewide campaign against SPI's clearcutting.
Read an excellent article about the Forest Ethics and Ebbetts Pass Valentines Day demonstration.

Ebbetts Pass

Evangelicals join the World Council of Churches in a call to fight Global Warming

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