Who we are

Stopclearcuttingcalifornia.org was created when Southern Cascade and Northern Sierra citizens began working together to stop the massive clearcutting by Sierra Pacific Industries (primarily). Round Mountain activists Mauro Oliveira and Randy Compton  began filming and interviewing residents, loggers, millers and native Elders. With Rocky Comptons help and local funds, flights were organized and video evidence taken over the Shasta-Lassen region, revealing tremendous destruction of the forest resources (wildlife, trees, water etc).

The website was born soon after the carbon relationship and the dangers became clear. Mauro, Randy and Rocky then teamed up with Cascade Action Now, Hill Country Clinic, Citizens for Responsible Government, Ebbetts Pass  (Forest Watch), Forest Ethics and a local Manton California forest activist, Marily Woodhouse.

The allied groups then began a market campaign and along with Sierra Club, a Capital Day (Sacramento) took place, meeting with members of Representative and Senate staff. A full page ad was placed in the Redding Record Searchlight and journalists courted.

The Battle Creek Alliance formed as a legal arm of the combined groups, engaging in a lawsuit with CDF and Sierra Pacific over the Battle Creek Watershed clearcuts and any future aggressive legal activities.

The BCA and Stopclearcuttingcalifornia.org are NOW under 501c3 umbrella with SOL Communications Inc. Donations to fund part time employment to educate the public and disrupt clearcutting operations are being accepted.

Send Donations to:

SOL Communications Inc
Box 225
Montgomery Creek CA 96065

In the memo, please write “FOREST CAMPAIGN”
A receipt will be mailed back to you.

The site is a compilation of statements and summaries from scientists like Mark Harmon, Olga Krankina, James Hansen, Aldus Fuller and others.

This site is a compilation of statements and complete scientific works from prestigious scientific organizations like the IPCC, NASA, The Union of Concerned Scientists, The Natural Resource Council, the US Department of Energy and others.

This site is a compilation of summaries, photography and research, based on the above science community and more, by forest activists, including Vivian Parker, Addie Jacobson, Sue Lynn, Marily Woodhouse, Randy Compton, Rockney Compton, Tim Hermach, Joshua Buswell-Charkow, myself and others.

Mauro Oliveira