A Report on the Key Findings from the IPCC Special Report on Land-Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry

Robert T. Watson, Chair of the IPCC

12th Session of SBSTA. Bonn, Germany. June 13, 2000

Some definitions of reforestation and deforestation allow harvesting-regeneration activities to be included under Article 3.3: Definitions of reforestation and deforestation based on actual canopy cover, which do not consider the concept of potential canopy cover, could lead to harvesting being referred to as deforestation and regeneration being referred to as reforestation. Some definitions of reforestation include the activity of regeneration after disturbance or harvesting, while disturbance or harvesting are not defined as deforestation. In these circumstances credits could be accounted for the regeneration, without debits for disturbance or harvesting, this would lead to an accounting system where the changes in terrestrial carbon do not reflect the real changes in the atmosphere.